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     Tammy Rae, in a single phrase, can be described as an Agent of Change. She enjoys wholesome fellowship, laughter, family, friends, shopping, and shaping the minds of others one thought at a time.™ She is also the Founder and CEO of Purposed by Design, LLC. A business focused on empowering women globally to know and understand the intention behind their design.

     Through the years, she developed a personal and intimate relationship with pain. A relationship that stemmed from the [mostly] uncontrollable events that occurred in her life. Not knowing the true essence of who nor why she was resulted in her walking through immense seasons of mental anguish. 

     Tammy Raé has overcome several barriers in life. She is a domestic violence survivor who walked through seasons of rejection, abandonment, and molestation (to name a few). The person she became originated from her childhood and required an extensive overhaul of her feelings, thoughts, emotions, and will. 

     Feelings, thoughts, emotions, and will that eventually morphed into trauma. Trauma that manifested in her addictive behaviors, her inability to deal with conflict, cloudiness, and an intrinsic belief that she amounted to absolutely nothing.

     She has since gone from cloudy to clear, and has made it her business (literally) to reach back and disrupt the debilitating cycles of negative thinking in the lives of women everywhere. 

     She speaks, coaches, and writes with humility, transparency, vulnerability, and conviction as it is in this space that she strives to help others heal from some of the same traumas she experienced.

     As an Author, her literary writings detail up-close and personal accounts of healing, accountability, growth, and purpose - writings designed to evoke inspiration, motivation, and transformation.

     As a Speaker, Tammy Raé's words have the power to transform, and after years of dormancy, she stepped on the scene with a voice, inspiring women to embrace courage and to be confident in who they are and in who they are yet to become.

     As a Mindset Coach, she knows firsthand the effects of being emotionally unsettled and how being so, cultivated a desire to help women detach from self-sabotaging patterns by encouraging them to walk in a fully liberated life.

It is her priority to help you shift your mindset because once that has changed - your whole life will too!

Take a look around, and stay a while!



Years ago was one of the darkest moments in my life and as such, I did not understand the importance of a SMILE!

Therefore, a smile was nowhere to be found, especially not in my heart...

Today is a new day and I'm SMILING for real!l,


I I was once miserable and could not pinpoint the reason. My mind was consumed with extreme negativity. I had let the feelings and emotions associated with my past fester.

Today, I stand, having overcome negativity and embracing the courage to be confident in who I have and am yet to BECOME!